About Us

What started as an interest in local food and the effects of a global "food store" on economics, politics, environments and, let's not forget, flavor, has come full circle for Ben Fogt. A few Philosophy and Religion classes at Capital University focusing on a new word "Sustainability" and a 2002 visit to the Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, Ohio laid the groundwork for Flatrock Flatbread. 

Upon moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2006, Ben found what may be one of the most deceptively revolutionary working farms in the the United States, The Hawkins Family Farm and HOPE CSA. Through a share of the farm's produce and weekly visits, the passion for local food was rekindled. Canning, smoking, and brining became every day happenings in Fort Wayne. When Jamie Oliver's Jamie At Home television series used his wood fired "garden oven" in his vegetable garden for most of the memorable dishes, a new factor came into play. Around the same time, Jeff Hawkins announced that he, too, was thinking about building an oven. So, in 2009, in the middle of the farm yard, they build a big brick oven with a screened shelter around it. Every Friday in the summer, they offer pizza to the community as a fund raiser for HOPE CSA, the farm's ministry.

Shortly after that, an "Internet Friend" started up Skinny Pines, a mobile brick oven catering operation in Easton, CT. When Navistar decided to relocate the family to the west suburbs of Chicago, the opportunity to open a similar business seemed like a good idea. Fate intervened and deposited the Fogts in Columbus, Indiana instead. With the vibrant downtown juxtaposed in rural Indiana hills, there couldn't be a better place to strike the fire in a mobile oven.

Our focus is on fresh, healthy, local ingredients and building community. Our main locations are Farm Markets and a few specialty locations in Bartholomew and Monroe Counties. We are at the Columbus Farmers Market every Saturday of the season from 9 to 12:30. You can check our schedule for other locations and times. We're also available for catering your private function and an occasional festival.