Neapolitan Pizza Class

Flatrock Flatbread is mostly known for our pizzas we make in a wood-fired oven. This is the most basic form of what we know as pizza. Simplicity is required because of the oven temperature, usually 900°F, and the time spent cooking, only 90 seconds. The basic form is only tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil and olive oil, maybe a sprinkle of salt. From there we keep things in balance. 
You can get a chance to play pizza chef when we conduct our Wine & Pizza style event. We will cover topics like handling dough and stretching a pizza crust by hand, applying toppings and finding a balance, and even how to stretch your own mozzarella cheese and cook a pizza in a super-hot oven. While you may not have your own wood-fired oven, you'll learn of some home alternatives that will keep you from picking up the phone on pizza night.

 Here's the class outline:
  • Introductions
  • Dough basics. Recipe and handling. Making dough balls.
  • Stretching mozzarella.
  • About the oven and how we bake in it. 
  • How we choose pizza toppings.
  • Stretching dough and topping the pizzas.
  • Cooking demonstration.
  • Hands-on pizza making.
  • Dessert pizzas. (Parbaking)
We hope you have a chance to join us for one of our pizza classes. Right now, we're booking for private classes. We will bring everything for the class to you for you to share with friends and family. Because of the size of the class, this does not cost as much as our catered pizza parties. Contact us about scheduling a private pizza class by emailing