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Catering Options

Our Pizzas Wherever YOU Want Them!

When you ask us to help you with your celebration, we bring everything we need to make the best pizza nearly anywhere you want to have it. Our mobile oven can go almost anywhere and we bring along a refrigerated table that is outfitted to roll over almost any terrain.

We can set up in driveways, parks, parking lots, yards, fields… Just about anywhere.

Tell us where to be and we’ll show up!

Download our Catering Brochure at the bottom of the page to share with your group or company.

Pizza Parties

Pizza Only

Your guests will be treated to a selection of gourmet pizza, buffet-style. Because we work with you on topping combinations, special dietary needs can be addressed ahead of time.

Plates and napkins are provided. 

Pizza and Salad

Your guests will be treated to a gourmet salad along with their pizza. Our house salads are based on long-time favorite combinations from Fort Wayne, IN and Columbus, OH. We can also design a salad to complement your theme. This buffet-style party makes a great lunch for business teams or evening wine party.

Tableware provided.

Full Service

Our complete meal begins with appetizers made with the brick oven and salad. Your choices of pizza are followed by a selection of desserts, some coming right out of the oven to complete the wood-fired entertainment. Your choice of non-alcoholic beverages can be included.

Tableware provided.

Other Options

Most of our pizza parties are geared toward adults. When kids get involved, they really want to get involved. We can let them make their own pizzas and watch their creations bake in the oven.


Our oven can do more than just pizza. Burning as hot at 900° on the floor and over 1000° in the dome, the oven is perfect for Tandoor style cooking. Let us cook a menu or let us help you cook your family favorites in our oven.


The oven also retains heat very well. Once we get it fired up, we can roast chicken, meat and vegetables for hours on end without adding more fuel.


Ben Fogt,
Mar 11, 2014, 5:50 PM