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2014-2015 Season*

3 of our standard selections and 2 specialty pizzas of your choosing, served buffet style. 

# of GuestsWeekday LunchWeekday
(Friday- Sunday)
Serving Time**
 Up to 35 $595 $630 $7002 hours
 36-50 $760 $810 $9002 hours
 51-75 $1088 $1155 $12802.5 hours
 76-100 $1350 $1425 $15753 hours
 100-150 $1925 $2025 $22503 hours
** Maximum Serving Time. Lunches often need to be quicker for your convenience.

Pizza, Salad, & Desserts
3 of our standard pizza selections and 2 specialty pizzas, a salad (2 for large groups), and dessert of your choosing, served buffet style.

# of Guests
Weekday Lunch
Weekday DinnerWeekend (Friday-Sunday)Serving Time**
 Up to 35 $895 $945 $10502.5 hours
 36-50 $1220 $1290 $14302.5 hours
 51-75 $1725 $1830 $20303 hours
 76-100 $2285 $2420 $26903 hours
 100-150 $3190 $3375 $37503 hours
** Maximum Serving Time. Lunches often need to be quicker for your convenience.


We consider lunch service to start between 11 and 1 pm.
We consider dinner service to start between 5 and 7 pm.
We can also do breakfast or late night service. Just ask.


We do not include beverages in these prices. Most of our customers choose to provide their own. Our beverage options are wide and varied and can be added.  


We provide plates, napkins and utensils. Our standard is white paper products and clear or white utensils. If you would like something special, like compostable, recycled or ceramic plates, we can find them for you. Using your own does not affect the package cost.

"Other Charges"

We try to include everything in our estimate and rarely does an unexpected cost change the total. 

If we need to have more people or equipment to accommodate your location or a specific need, we will notify you and try to find the most efficient way to adapt. This is usually due to a last minute venue change where we would have to transport pizzas from one area of a venue to another. 

There may be some items for a specialty pizza that would cost more. We will let you know when designing your menu. 

Deposit and Payment

We require a deposit of $500 or 50% of the total estimate, whichever is less, to hold a date. The date is not considered "booked" until a deposit is accepted. 

Final payment is due 5 days prior to the event, unless special arrangements are made. We apply a surcharge to credit card payments. Let us know before so we can include it on your invoice. 

We have a W-9 ready to send if your Accounts Payable Department needs one.


We do not require, nor include a gratuity. Tips are often offered and are divided among the staff and are greatly appreciated. Instead of basing a tip on the price of your catering, we like a new model being used. A tip is given to each of our staff based on our hours of service. If we are serving you for 3 hours and have 4 staff people, they would each get the tip (perhaps $30) directly from you, the customer. This is even more appreciated by our staff and we hear that it makes the gratuity return to what it is supposed to be, a gift of thanks. Please let a manager know if you choose to do this. We often don't hear about it until days later. 

What if it Rains, Snows, Hurricanes, Apocalypses...

Our equipment can stand many weather conditions. We travel with a canopy, walls and floor mats. High winds are the most likely cause of us needing to cancel an event. We understand that your guests may not be so weather tolerant. If weather conditions turn against us, you can postpone your event up to 24 hours beforehand without penalty.


We are happy to make pizza pretty much anywhere, but it takes a lot to get the oven moving. If your event is more than 25 miles from Columbus, Indiana, we will add a travel fee, based on mileage and time, that helps us get to you. This is currently $1 per mile traveled.

* This pricing is for events occurring between November 15, 2014 and November 14, 2015. Contact us for estimates for dates outside this range.