The Flatrock Flatbread Company
Serving Fresh, Healthy, Food from our Mobile, Wood-Fired, Brick Oven
We are closed. Thank you for four years of support.

When it comes to finding food for a lot of people, it is usually a case of choosing 2 of 4 options, inexpensive, fast, tasty, and healthy. Cheap, fast food is unhealthy and usually tastes pretty bad. Healthy, tasty food is usually expensive and takes a long time. The Flatrock Flatbread Company exists to give you all 4 of those.

In our mobile pizza oven, we prepare a menu of pizzas and other food prepared
 from the freshest, healthy ingredients and served directly to you. At 800-900°F, the pizza cooks in a couple minutes, preserving the freshness of the toppings, producing crust with the perfect crunch and chewiness, and melting the cheese just right.

We make our food from ingredients from as close to us as possible. To produce "Authentic Neapolitan Pizza", 
Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana would have us import Italian DOP tomatoes and Italian '00' flour milled from American wheat. We choose instead to use an American milled '00' flour and domestic tomatoes that meet high standards for flavor and texture. Our meats and produce are sourced from local producers and locally owned shop as much as possible. We strongly believe that by buying locally, we get the best products and we get the most out of our products while supporting our local economy and eliminating unneeded transportation. What's not to like?

Look for us at your favorite festivals and Farmer's Markets around Columbus, Indiana. We also cater private events.